Sandboarding in Huacachina, Peru

Huacachina Desert Oasis, PeruAfter a short ride on PeruHop from Paracas, we arrived in Huacachina mid afternoon. Most of the travelers on the bus followed the recommended schedule of immediately joining a tour to the sand dunes and then they would depart the following morning. Keeping to our slower pace, we planned an extra night which allowed us to push the tour to the following day. Because Will was still recovering from being sick, this really worked in our favor.

Casa de ArenaWe grabbed a room at PeruHop’s recommended hostel, Casa de Arena Lodge, and tried to relax before finding dinner. We were immediately uncomfortable in our room due to a strong stench of paint fumes. We noticed an employee was spray painting the banister outside of our room and the gaps in the window were inviting the fumes into our room. Continue reading

Kiteboarding in Paracas, Peru

image My reason for visiting Paracas was simple – to spend time on the water kiteboarding. A friend we met in Vietnam gave us some tips on the best kiting places in Peru but unfortunatly we were not close to any of those reccomendations. After doing a little research in Lima, I found that Paracas had good steady winds. The PeruHop bus ticket we booked also stopped in Paracas which made it very convientent.

We left Lima early for the relitivly short journey south. Driving straight would only take about 4 hours but we made several stops at interesting tourist destinations which were included in the ticket. The first stop was Cristo del Pacifico where we had an amazing view over the city of Lima before heading out into the desert. Next, we stopped on the road overlooking Pachacamac, Limas version of Machu Picchu. The bus was was high enough to see over the wall barrier so we could see the ruins without paying the $25 entrance fee. The next major stop was at an old spanish colonial house (Hacienda San Jose in Chincha), but the real excitement was underneath. Descending a narrow staircase led to a maze of Continue reading

Touring a UFO in Veliko Tărnovo, Bulgaria

UFO Tour Bulgaria Inside Abandoned Buzludzha BuildingThreatening rain created an eerie spectal of our journey from Sofia into the heart of Bulgaria. As we wound through narrow valleys, mist clung to the mountains creeping lower as we ventured deeper into the wilderness. The rain intensified as we pulled into the Veliko Tărnovo station. The tiny station in the middle of the woods was totally dark, without even a streetlight to guide us. Through the pouring rain we found a bus stop, but all the bus information had been ripped off or was impossible to read by the light of our flashlights. When a couple locals joined us in the bus stop, we tried to ask for help but the language barrier was too great.

After a few busses headed the wrong direction passed, a small bus going our way arrived. We asked the driver if the bus was going to the stop near our hostel to which we were met with a blank stare. Continue reading

Ballooning over the Serengeti, Tanzania

imageSara’s cousin traveled with us on our African Safari and we convinced her to detail her hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti:

Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Group PictureWhile traveling through the Serengeti, there is an abundance of animals to view and observe and it is a true tangible ecosystem that is named as one of the 10 natural travel wonders of the world. There is a large amount of diverse animals and habitats that foster the largest terrestrial mammal migration and a playground for people to witness amazing experiences of animal behavior. I was fortunate enough to be able to not just experience the Serengeti from a car and camping in the middle of the Serengeti, but I was able to experience this lush wildlife from the air. Continue reading