Sandboarding in Huacachina, Peru

Huacachina Desert Oasis, PeruAfter a short ride on PeruHop from Paracas, we arrived in Huacachina mid afternoon. Most of the travelers on the bus followed the recommended schedule of immediately joining a tour to the sand dunes and then they would depart the following morning. Keeping to our slower pace, we planned an extra night which allowed us to push the tour to the following day. Because Will was still recovering from being sick, this really worked in our favor.

Casa de ArenaWe grabbed a room at PeruHop’s recommended hostel, Casa de Arena Lodge, and tried to relax before finding dinner. We were immediately uncomfortable in our room due to a strong stench of paint fumes. We noticed an employee was spray painting the banister outside of our room and the gaps in the window were inviting the fumes into our room. Continue reading

Admiring the Tallest in the World, Dubai, UAE

787 Dreamliner Large WindowLeaving Doha, we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves on a brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The inside was beautiful! There was a ton of overhead space and the walkways were not cramped. There were large windows that tinted for the sun rather than completely blocking the view with a plastic shade. The seats felt spacious and very comfortable. Too bad our flight to Dubai was only 45 minutes long! Once we arrived, we had another quick and easy transfer to our hotel.

The heat was still present along with fasting for Ramadan. Our hotel, Landmark Plaza, was right across the street from a metro station so we only had to briefly brave the heat while crossing the street. We hid in our hotel room the rest of the afternoon while waiting for fasting Continue reading

Fasting in Doha, Qatar

The minute we landed in at Doha International Airport from Kenya to when we arrived at our hotel was quick and easy. As we left the cool air conditioning of the airport, we were greeted with a blast of desert heat. The bus we needed was outside waiting for us and we hastily made our way onboard. There was none of the usual hustle and bustle expected at an airport, it was eerily quiet and relaxed. Even when leaving the bus, the driver pointed out how to get to our hotel. These are the friendliest locals we have encountered on our journey sofar.
Doha Skyline

We checked into the hotel and relaxed until sundown. Qatar is an Islamic country with strict laws during Ramadan. We first learned that Continue reading