• Blond hair
  • Green eyes
  • Dedicated worker
  • Loves pizza
  • Favors IPAs
  • From West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Most recently lived in Maryland


  • Brown hair
  • Brown eyes
  • Beach bum
  • Infatuated with¬†spaghetti
  • Prefers smoked stouts
  • From Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Most recently lived in Florida

20 (35)

  • Met at Rum Bar December 2010
  • Bonded over a love of aviation
  • Long distance relationship
  • Married April 2013
  • Two week honeymoon holds record for longest time spent together
  • Homebrewed¬†15+ varieties of tasty beer on weekends
  • Put careers on hold to travel the world together

How long do YOU think this journey will last?

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  1. After spending 3 weeks in Africa with the newlyweds, I can say that they have this travel thing down! They are a team in everything they do, from setting up their tents, laundry, mealtime, working on their blog and planning what will be the next stop on their journey. Thank you Sara and Will for the opportunity to join in on your adventure, this trip was a lifelong dream, I had a wonderful time.
    Love you, Lady

    • We turned it into a contest because we have been long distance until this trip and are not sure how we will handle being together 24/7.

  2. How long will it last? I believe they will make the whole year! It will seem to them like a whirl wind… To me they will be gone forever! Travel safe have fun and return with lifelong memories that the rest of us only dream of! Love you dearly!! Lady

  3. How long will the journey last? Well, I guess it will last a year. Whether they are speaking to each other by the end of the year is another question altogether!

  4. Just looked at your video again and all the “stuff” here. You all have done a great job. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. Keep safe.

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